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Note that Slang/Glossary section. Anything listed as a proper noun will now be linked automatically, and thus it isn't needed to include paratheses. For some things, such as Actin, Chitin, etc. it provides a better link than parentheses would. There is a bug I am trying to figure out where a word next to punctuation or wikicode (such as bold tags directly adjacent to the world, a heading exclamation point, a period, or a comma) will not link properly. Place a space before/after the character to circumvent this, if it bothers you.


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This will be the Newgulf Wiki!

Here all sorts of information will be posted to help ... learn ... about ... stuff.
If you found this by chance, please do not mess around.
If you were invited, you can get to editing!
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To Do

  • Write pages; the following are unfinished or need serious editing:
  • Create IC resources
    • Specific settings — we need some very specific locations within each of the main areas.
      • Kaipalu:
        • Alex's garden can serve as one.
        • Perhaps also a popular square or civic building?
        • A park?
        • A shopping district?
      • the Estates:
        • one community/article for each family, one for the 'capitol' at the center.
      • Countryside:
        • for this, some major cities and smaller towns might be the best way to go.
      • Cessnock:
        • obviously, a bar/saloon,
        • perhaps a burlesque house,
        • perhaps some kind of drug den,
        • and then somewhere 'safer'? not sure.
      • the Surface:
        • I don't think the surface actually needs anything more.
    • NPCs & ModPCs
    • Opening plot arc
  • Artwork
    • Anyone who wants to make some, have at.
    • blue will commission artwork on gaiaonline, as well
    • Skins
      • Wiki
      • Forum
  • Mod Characters and NPCs
    • Relic-Hunter Jeb Kansas legend?
    • Anvarite monk Master Wanders One of Steve's characters.
    • we DESPERATELY need some ladies.

Pages to be Written

OOC Resources