Application Form

When filling out this form, please copy and paste with this exact formatting and post it into the application forum. Remove anything in italics and replace it with your own information and writing.

Before beginning, we strongly suggest that you read both the Application Guide and Application Advice. These articles will help you understand better what is expected of you in a good application, and to help you get approved faster and with fewer edits.

*Age and Birth Date:
This can be written however you'd like, but please be sure to include at least a loose timeline of events from birth [or as far back as he/she can remember, at least] to the present time. Also include at least three important events that have shaped his/her life, and three important people.
In this description you should include, somewhere: height, build/body type, coloration, best feature, worst feature, something that marks him/her as distinctive, and general style of clothing and hair.
It's important to include things like: likes and dislikes, hopes and fears, dreams, how he/she interacts in everyday situations, how he/she deals with stress, and at least one situation in which he/she feels at home.
You should cover your characters strengths and weaknesses in physical situations, mental situations, social situations, as well as at least one thing at which he/she is better than most people and one thing at which he/she is worse. Also be sure to include magical strengths in this area, in one capacity or another: what element they are strong at, weak at, how they use their magic, etc.
This should be a 300 word mock-post that sets up your character. This post will show where your character is just before play begins.