Application Guide

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Before you go any further in this application guide, please read the Code of Conduct. This article gives an idea of the attitude and behavior expected of all members here on Newgulf, and offers the rules that people will be held to. It also gives some technical information about the forums and situations that could get players in trouble. If you've already looked over the Code of Conduct and are interested in pursuing the world of Newgulf further, please read on!

Character Creation

Naturally, the most important step in joining Newgulf is the creation of your original character. While we'd like you to read all of the wiki, to make sure you understand the world and what you're getting into, we fully understand that it's an intimidating set of documentation, and asking you to commit every word to heart before you begin your character is a bit unreasonable. However, there are certain pages and directions that will help you stay world-appropriate while you come up with your character.
  • Setting - This page contains blurbs about the various playable and non-playable areas of Newgulf. Read the blurbs or click on an area to read more specifics about its inhabitants, life there, and to determine where your character will live.
  • Social Classes - Here you can look over some social classes to get ideas for the quality of life you'd like your character to live, and to get an idea of what kind of occupation they might have.
  • Religion - There are several religious options that you could choose for you character. It's important that you at least read over the blurbs about various religions, and go into more depth if you think religion will be very important to your character.
  • Genetics - Read this page to learn about the crazy colorings and appearances people of Newgulf can have, and to determine how you want your character to look.
  • Magic - As magic is a very important part of everyday life, reading over the magic system and determining which element your character will focus on is very important.
  • Culture - The culture page contains a wealth of information about the culture and everyday life everywhere in Newgulf, and is one of the most important things you read.

Writing your Application

With all the above read and looked over, tt's time to grab the Application Form itself and fill it out. Make sure to answer all the questions thoroughly, to give as clear of a picture as possible as to what your character looks like, acts like, and what they've been through. We strongly advise that you read over some of the RP Resources as well as the Application Advice before you write your application. The advice in this article will cover some common problems and things that grate on the moderators here on Newgulf, so reading them in advance will help avoid edits. We also suggest that you write up your application in a word processor program, run spell check on it, and perhaps even get a friend to read it over before moving on to the next step.

Submitting your application

If you haven't registered yet, it's important to do so before you go any farther; create a new account with your character's name, not your own. If you've registered with the wrong name, please PM either one of the moderators and they'll help you get everything all straightened out.

Once your account is ready, then post your application as a new post in application forum. Only the moderators will see your application. All posts in the application forum will go into 'moderator review' and we will be the only ones to view them, so be sure to fill out the application in full before you hit 'submit' because you won't be able to edit!

Application Review

After we've read over your application, we most likely will send it back to you for some revisions, to help flesh out the character fully and to make sure we all understand motives and goals.

Once you've received your application back, you have one week to respond to us with the requested revisions; if you need longer than this, PM the moderator handling your application [the person who PMed you] and request more time. Each request will gain you another week.

If we don't hear back from you within a week, then we'll assume that you've decided this isn't the place for your character, and flat out reject your application. You'll have to resubmit from the beginning, starting a new topic in the application forum, and you'll be bumped to the bottom of the list.

If we don't hear back from you within a month, we'll wipe your account. We don't want dangling accounts, we want to keep everything tidy and neat. At this point, you will have to re-register with a new [or the same] name. If we have any concerns with anything you've written, you'll receive a PM requesting that you make changes. We will never reject an application without first asking for changes, and we will never accept an application unless all of us agree that it is ready to go through.

Note that the majority of applications will probably have to be edited. If there is anything out of joint about the character, anything incomplete, anything we don't understand, anything left out, yes, we will ask you for clarification, and to edit your application. It's not personal, and it's not rare.


Once you've been accepted, you'll be sent another PM, and your character will be added to the Character Directory. You'll receive the proper permissions to start posting and RPing around the forum, and it'll be time to get to it! We'll try to give every new member a fresh post with the moderators to get them started on RP and integrated into the forum.