Cactus Blossom


The Cactus Blossom plant is a small, round, green plant that, true to its name, grows in the desert, though it is not thorny. Its insides are juicy and taste similar to the flesh of a pepper. When fully ripe, a single, long-petaled flower blooms at its apex. These flowers are considered sacred, by some.


Cactus Blossoms can be cooked and eaten in various ways, but cooking them renders them all but inert, as a drug. More commonly, they are eaten fresh and raw, added to a large fire, or drained of their juice and dried. Drying produces the most potent effect, and the effect is dramatic.


Under the effects of Cactus Blossom, a user experiences complex, low-level hallucinations and enters a dreamlike euphoria. The effects can last for a few hours to an entire day - and sometimes longer. For those who can effectively use the drug, it's common to believe you are in another realm, and that there are sentient, symbolic creatures acting as guides towards a goal. If several people take the drug together, as part of a ceremony or ritual, they will sometimes enter this trance together. The medical understanding for this is pragmatic, at best.