Character Directory

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This directory contains the profiles of all approved characters, as well as moderator characters and NPCs that might be available to help out in any user-driven plots. As soon as a player has been approved, one of the moderators will add them to this page.

If you are interested in getting one of the NPCs involved in your plot, or need to talk to one of them for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact any of the moderators.


PCs or 'Player Characters' are characters played by members on the forums.

Kaipalu PCs

Estate PCs

Countryside PCs

Cessnock PCs


MCs or 'Mod Characters' are named characters played by moderators on the forums.

Kaipalu MCs

Alex Raeinholdt - 24 year old 'botanist'.

Estate MCs

Countryside MCs

Cessnock MCs

Johnathan Priestly - 14 year old scavenger.


NPCs or 'Non-Player Characters' might be played by any moderator, and are used solely to aid in the advancement of either forum or player plots.

Kaipalu NPCs

Theo Garrett - General of the Frontiersmen.

Estate NPCs

Countryside NPCs

Jacob Delaney - 43 year old sheriff.
Richard Ellis? - 55 year old farm owner.

Cessnock NPCs

Chuck Avery - 39 year old marshal.
Tee - 15 year old mechanic