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The ranks of the craftsmen tend to come from the magically powerful: people who are talented at either one specific area of magic, or several. More specifically, they're those who have a knack for building things, for putting parts together to create weapons or transportation, who make expensive clothes or other difficult, labor-intensive luxury goods. While their work might not be the most useful, on a day-to-day basis, still the craftsmen are highly respected. They are the ones who keep Newgulf moving forward, instead of remaining forever stranded in the same state. They are the innovators, the inventors, the artisans. They're not always practical, but that doesn't mean they're not important.


Every craftsman is different, with different backgrounds, upbringings, and motivations. As a 'social class', there are some that were born to their roles, coming either from a family of Aristocrats, or from a more middle-class artisan family. Others are completely self made, apprenticed at a young age or completely instinctive and self-taught, coming from a poor family and working their way up through the ranks. The motivation of a craftsman is grounded entirely in their history, their position, and their personal goals for the future.


Outside of the Aristocrats, the craftsmen are some of the wealthiest people in Newgulf. Those who are able to repair buildings do the best for themselves, as this is a highly-desired skill; however, those who sell weapons follow close on their heels. As such, the craftsmen are frequently well-dressed, well-groomed, clean and tidy, and often vain. This does not apply to all of them, of course, but depends on motivation. Some might prefer to live a simple life, staying in plainclothes. It depends entirely on the person.