Current Events

  • Two weeks ago, a small militia, calling themselves "The Bund," attacked the gates of The Lift in Cessnock. Avery and his posse were prepared for the attack well in advanced, and had the gates locked shut and fortified for siege when the Bund arrived. Most of the attackers were shot dead in their initial charge, and among those who escaped, few avoided injury. Their leader, a minor exiled Aristocrat, was shot by Avery himself, killing him instantly.
    • The technical sergeant has taken a firm stand on this issue, and has declared his intent to track down all escaped members of the Bund with great prejudice, and further declaring that anyone caught aiding or sheltering one of these fugitives will be treated as a full accomplice. Most suspect these words are an empty threat, since the local Frontiersmen have little resources for such a thorough endeavor, but two of the seven identified escapees were turned in for minor rewards, and the air in the city has been left somewhat tense. Many fear Avery may use this as an excuse to attempt to confiscate the assets of local crime lords, by claiming they are harboring the fugitives, which could result in a minor civil war.
    • News of this conflict is well known among the traders of Kaipalu, who fear their next shipment of certain surface goods, such as salt and Ommatidia, might not happen. General Theo Garret has remained silent on the matter.
  • In the theater district of Kaipalu, the Raeinholdt Botanical Apothecary has been making plans to open its gardens for high-society socials and general viewings. Their attraction is a variety of different teas that are normally impossible to find at a reasonable price Supposedly, several members of the Wintles family will show up opening night.
    • Alex Raeinholdt is searching for a young woman to help run the cafĂ©, but has mysterious turned down every girl so far. None of them can quite understand just why it was they were refused, but all agree he was very strange during their meeting.

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