Desert Leaf

Appearance and Consumption

There are several kinds of Desert Leaf, and their uses are all quite different. All of them have green, oily leaves, and flower similar to lilacs, in a wide range of colors. The most common kind, which blossoms white or ruddy brown, is used in herbal medicines as a simple cure-all. Another kind, that has a red coloration, is used specifically to strengthen the heart and reduce blood clotting. A third common kind, which has light yellow flowers, is used as an aromatic or a traditional part of a medicine cane.

But the most important kind, which has deep purple flowers, is the divine leaf. Either the flowers or leafs can be chewed, smoked, or turned into juice, though the leaf is far more effective than the flower. Sometimes a less effective reaction is desirable.


Many of the lesser leaves, in addition to their herbal or remedy effects, can be dried and smoked for a minor pick-me-up. Some have soothing effects, some are stimulants, and other are minor hallucinogens. There are a series terms for these drugs, that can be found in the Slang Article.

However, the purple leaf is the most highly desired of them. Compared to this leaf, called Bruise Bloom, the effects of Cactus Blossom are minor. Consumption of Bruise Bloom's Divine Flower or Leaf causes immediate laughter and vivid sensations of motion, and the user will sometimes believe themselves to be in several places at once. Its hallucinogenic effects beyond these are profound, and while under the effects, it is nearly impossible to stay focused on a single task. Only through long-term use and mental discipline, or through an extraordinarily uncommon mental functions, can a person utilize the drug in a reliable and effective way. Many people try it regularly in spite of this.

The effects only last for a few minutes, fortunately, and withdrawal symptoms only a short time longer than that. Many find the combined experience so unpleasant that they never use it a second time, or are scared to even try it for the first.