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Drugs exist at every tier of society, at a variety of strengths. Some of them are socially acceptable, and others are shunned or outlawed, dangerous to the user or to people around them. The lowest-end drugs are easy and inexpensive to obtain, the middling drugs are expensive, outlawed, and dangerous, and the highest end, magical drugs are extremely expensive and almost impossible to obtain, unless you're one of the Aristocrats.

Basic Drugs

Alcohol is common and widespread. To those a bit richer, teas, coffees, and caocos can provide caffeine. Tobacco and cannaboids are grown on the surface, and are a vice that can be enjoyed by the poorest and the richest of people alike, though the few plants that are grown in the "safe" environments of the Countryside are much more expensive than the potentially Blighted growths from the surface. For residents of the Turritella, it can be quite an expensive hobby. There are also some strains of milder Desert Leaf that are borderline legal and grown on The Surface, or in Cessnock.

Middle drugs

There are two main types of psychotropic drugs that are under widespread use, Cactus Blossom and the Desert Leaf called Bruise Bloom, both originally used for religions ceremonies. Superstitious people would consider it grossly immoral and wasteful to use them for recreation, but many more have quite a taste for, or even a mental addiction to, the substances. Both are well known for greatly increasing magical performance over their duration, but only certain kinds of people can stay focused on whatever tasks they hoped to achieve while under the effects.

High End Drugs

Great Material based medicines, which combine aspects of tonic, herbal remedies, and magic, are far more effective than anything ever developed through pure pharmacy. Even before the Blight, virtually no physical performance enhancers existed, and only somewhat common, natural drugs were developed.