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To everyone but the Aristocrats, life is something of a struggle, work taking up most of the day, effort required to just stay alive. Combined with the still-hovering problem of the Blight, outside entertainment is especially important, to boost spirits and provide some moments of respite, of existing in some other world. Because of this, those entertainers who perform are held in high esteem, paid well and greatly respected and appreciated, able to advance through the ranks and potentially even perform for the Aristocrats.

There is a range of vulgarity, of quality, of expense and of exposition. Shows can range from free, to tip-based acts, to penny-shows, all the way up to elaborate productions. Sometimes entertainment is done on a stage, sometimes in a square, or sometimes it's even in the shady backroom of some fronted building. There is the legal and the illegal, events anyone can enter or ones people must be invited to — and, of course, entertainment that can be done in the privacy of one's own home.


The life of an entertainer could be an elegant and upscale career, cosmopolitan and well paid by the Aristocrats. It could be a struggle, that of a someone trying to make enough money to live, working a street corner or a market clearing in Kaipalu. It could be a nomadic life, moving from one place to another, traveling the countryside in a traveling show. It could be down and dirty, burlesque dancing or comedy or slapstick down in the mess of Cessnock. Whichever area an entertainer may live in, however, they can expect certain things to be the same: long hours, applause, creativity, and an emphasis on talent.

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Music plays a huge part of religious events, social events, parties, every day activities. There are a range of home-grown instruments, primarily strings, woodwinds, and percussion. Some believe music increases the potency of magic, by focusing one's desires. Among the Aristocrats, there are more elaborate, elegant instruments of brass or keys, and music is held in a more intellectual light.


There is a public theater in Kaipalu, as well as a more elaborate stage in the Estates for use by the Aristocrats and those entertainers they hire for their own shows and events. However, theater productions can also be whipped up anywhere there's an empty courtyard, a flat field, a barn in the Countryside that's currently out of use. In Cessnock there are small stages, frequently in bars or burlesque houses, for their own performances.


Sports like stickball and racing are reserved almost entirely for children and young men, but there are some sports for adults as well. Elaborate horse shows and displays of horsemanship are shown in the green fields of the Estates, and more down and dirty rodeos are common among the ranches in the Countryside.


Gambling is one of the primary forms of entertainment in Cessnock, of course, but it's not limited only to the criminals who live on the surface. Children frequently play at harmless marbles, horseshoes is a popular and widespread game, as well as the more complicated act of poker and other card games. In addition, the Aristocrats will often make elaborate bets with each other on anything and everything, merely to pass the time.