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Fashion in Newgulf is important at all tiers of life. To the highest end, the Aristocrats, elaborate costumes are a sign of creativity, power, and wealth. For the Scientists, clothing is pragmatic, covering skin and affording protection, mystery. In Cessnock, styles are wild and free, bright colors like plumage to attract other people or show off strength.

In Kaipalu and the Countryside, clothing allows for some creativity as well, but is much more subdued and homogenized. The colors are primarily muted, neutral tones, mostly canvas or denim or flannel, and generally is multi-layered and covers a great deal of skin.

Men's Clothing

Young boys wear shorts, but as men grow older they graduate to slacks, and adult men almost never wear pants shorter than the ankle. Suspenders or belts are common, to keep pants up, and are usually in bright colors or elaborate designs. Shirts are generally collared and button-down, whether in plain white or bright flannels or embroidered design. Boots are the footwear of choice, with strong structure and a bit of a heel.

Over this basic clothing, if a little extra flair is wanted, men will layer vests and jackets, coats and dusters, ties and cravats and bolo ties. These might be more elaborate in the upper echelons, and might be non-existent for those who can only afford the simplest wear.

The most elaborate costumes might be made of Chitin, in very bright colors and complicated patterns, with a lot of embroidery. High-end clothing might have sculpted shoulders, high necks, long tails or elegant trim. Shoes might have some shimmer, some shape, higher heels or pointed toes. The Aristocrats have few rules when it comes to clothing.

Women's Clothing

Most women wear layers of long skirts, short skirts being indecent and socially questionable However, in recent years, the trend of women wearing pants has spread throughout the more rebellious Aristocrats and is just starting to trickle its way down. Pants are still considered risque, and a woman wearing them might be harassed or mocked, at the very least, but she wouldn't be run out of town.

Like men, women tend toward collared blouses with buttons, often with puffy sleeves and occasionally keyhole cutouts near the throat. They're usually in pale colors, with simple patters like stripes or delicate embroidery. Some particularly bold women might lean toward brighter colors, but it would be to stares and whispers behind hands. Women who work with their hands or in more physical fields will wear wide, adorned belts, frequently embroidered or embossed by hand. More elegant and upper class women will wear corsets to make their waists smaller, in leather or cotton and bone — or, for the richest of them, in Chitin and Actin, elaborately sculpted.

Vests are common among women as well, as are tailored coats both short and long. Boots are the norm, either in a cowboy style or in a more petite granny-boot with heels. Fancy shoes are reserved for the rich or for special occasions.

Dresses or matching ensembles are the usual formal wear, and for events a lower neck-line, color and lace are more acceptable and even common.

In Cessnock, just about anything goes. Women don't abide by the same social norms, so they can get away with hiked skirts and low-cut blouses, corsets designed to enhance their assets or just to look the way they want. The same basic articles of clothing exist, but edited and turned more indulgent.


Newgulf as a planet is a desert, with whipping winds and storms due to Blight. As a result, much of the clothing on the Surface? covers a great deal of skin and is designed to keep off heat and sun. Some of this carries up into the Turritella, especially in the Countryside and as fashion in Kaipalu. Hats are very common, wide and flat-brimmed, stetson or fedora out in the sun where people are exposed and smaller, more stylish, in newsboy or engineer styles in cities. Top hats are common for dress up. The Aristocrats will wear elaborate sculpted contraptions on their heads, with flowers or crazy adornments.

Jewelry is not worn in everyday life, except perhaps for simple necklaces, pendants, cameos, hairpins and rings made of Great Material scraps. The well off might have specially-made pieces, grown from scratch, and at the uppermost tier these might even have Ommatidia crystals fleshy at their core. Brooches, earrings, elegant pieces are less common, except for the extraordinarily wealthy.

In Cessnock, some crazier accessories and styling come forward. Piercings and tattoos are more common, if not entirely widespread. Cosmetics are used here and among the Aristocrats to enhance natural coloring. Old Chitin might be carved into bracelets or arm cuffs. Fashion is a much more flexible thing, out of the strong hold of normality.

Hairstyles and Facial Hair

Hair is usually kept relatively long all around, in part due to fashion and in part due to ease and an unwillingness to cut it. For men, this means loose or in ponytails, and for women it means buns or braids or loose curls. However, short hair isn't entirely uncommon. Some people crop it shorter to keep away the heat or out of vanity, so there is a huge range of styles open for creativity.

Facial hair is common enough among men. Those willing to shave will do so, leaving themselves smooth, but this is less common as they age. It's a bit of vanity that some will indulge in and some will not.

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