Followers of Hurritt

Put briefly, the Followers of Hurritt are a quiet, reclusive order of people who seek - and perhaps gain - enlightenment through control, meditation, and understanding of themselves and other people. Progress towards this enlightenment seems to confer dramatically increased magical ability, as well as other strange, unexplainable abilities. Followers have been said to run heedlessly up walls, leap gracefully over tall buildings, or even withstand the onslaught of a blight storm.

The Followers possess a rich oral tradition, and they bear no written texts. Of particular importance are The Parables, a loose collection of (presumably metaphorical) fables concerning a (possibly metaphorical) wise man named Hurritt. Each Parable is rife with metaphor, allegory, allusion, and tautology, and is generally intended to impart some fragment of Hurritt's wisdom upon it's listener.

Followers are mentored one at a time by a more experienced follower, and taught increasingly subtle and complex parables as their understanding of Hurritt and his wisdom expands. Each parable is usually accompanied by a lengthy conversation between the teacher and student, discussing the possible meanings of the tale, and what it implies in the larger philosophy taken as a whole. Notably, followers do not distinguish between teacher and student - for it is said that both of the two followers teach much to one another. Traditionally, the two part ways only when they mutually agree that it is time.

The philosophy itself is an incredibly complex, subtle hierarchy of interrelated concepts and rules, and it takes years to acquire an understanding of the intricacies involved. The philosophy covers enlightenment, morality, psychology, honor, law, etiquette, meditative techniques, mystical rituals, magical powers, and even a specialized martial art unique to the order. It is said that every one of these aspects is vital to a clear understanding of Hurritt, and that, conversely, every one of these aspects can be mastered simply by properly understanding Hurritt.

The Followers of Hurritt are somewhat secretive, and generally do not openly profess their beliefs. They are disliked by the aristocracy, mostly because aristocracies always dislike common men with power.