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There is a culture of gambling among the people of Newgulf; it is wide-spread and not only accepted in every tier of life but almost encouraged. Children gamble through simple games, winning small possessions like marbles or other collectibles; adults will play cards or bet on sporting events, on daily events, on games and [among the Aristocrats] on everything else under the sun. There is nothing risque or out of the norm in gambling, and only certain people who are especially dedicated and wrapped up in their religion frown down upon it or view it with a scowl.

Card Games

Card games are, unsurprisingly, the most common and popular form of gambling, among every tier of society. The common man will play gin or poker or one of many other card games for low to moderate stakes, to blow off a little steam, or more professionally, at higher stakes, to try to make his fortune. In Cessnock, every year, there is a great, long, extremely high stakes poker game that goes on for a week and a half. Many people view this as their opportunity to shine, and to burst out of the realm of poverty or crime and settle down with a hefty amount of prize money. Sometimes, a rebelling Aristocrat? will enter this competition under a false name, to escape out from under the thumb of his or her parents, or just for a spot of fun.

There are also frequent high-stakes games among the Aristocrats for sections of land, auto-carriages, horses, or many other expensive, luxury items. To them, it is mostly a game to stave off the edge of ennui, to keep themselves entertained during days in which they have little or nothing to do.


Most sporting events come with stakes attached, especially rodeos and horse shows. At these games, there will almost always be someone working the back lines, whether he be a regular bookie or an Aristocratic one. The bookie will offer chances, take money, and frequently send people after those who don't [or can't] pay up. It's a lucrative business, even with so many people doing it for fun instead of profit, and even when many of the stakes and bets are very low.


Many simple games, like horse shoes, dice and bocce ball [or marbles among young boys] are very popular, and are one of the smallest, lowest end bets. Children will bet sweets or treats, whereas adults will bet small change on these events, just to spice them up a bit. It's not enough for profit, but might be enough for a basic meal, or a meat patty from a street vendor in Kaipalu.

High End Gambling

It has been said by many philosophers - as well as everyone else - that the Aristocrats have more wealth than sense. One of the greatest examples of this is in their willingness to bet large sums of money on trivial things. There is a strong culture in the Estates of placing bets on every moronic detail of life. People will bet horses or money on what the weather will be like on the Surface tomorrow, on the simple, mindless games listed above, or on impromptu races and events. They might put long-term bets on up and coming artists or Artisans?, on the fate of human beings or the Turritella itself. To the Aristocrats, it's all a game, all in good fun. They can afford it.