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Whatever historical documents might have existed before the Blight have been wiped out. Whether they were paper, magical, told through oral means, or via some kind of unknown technological system has been entirely forgotten, and with it went information about Newgulf's past. All that is left are stories passed down from one mouth to another, changing and growing and becoming more fantastic, bloody, or terrifying with time.

However, this has never been a problem. As a people, the survivors of the Blight look forward more often than they look back. The present is generally more important than anything else, though many people turn their focus toward the future, toward changes and growth and new discoveries. The only "historians" who still exist are religious in nature, turning old stories into important everyday lessons about good and evil, life and death, light and dark.

Current Events

There are certain events happening in the present which define the world in which even the common man lives. New Mayors, kidnapped babies, great bank heists by Cessnock bandits, epidemics or crop shortages — whatever is happening in the world at this moment can be found on this article page.

Historical Events?

Of course, some events in recent history, over the past few centuries, are too big to be entirely lost. Past epidemics, military actions, battles between Cessnock and militia? officials, Aristocrats coming into power or going out, famous officials or other major figures that have had some major impact on everyday life in the Turritella and on the Surface.


Some of the mythology that exists in the world is religious in nature, whether it be through organized religion or everyday. Some of it, though, is entirely secular in nature, tales that might be about real people or exaggerations of true tales, urban legends that keep people entertained. These stories are almost more important than facts, in their own way, as they frequently teach a lesson about everyday life.