Introduction to RP

Many people associate RP - or "Roleplaying" - with old tabletop games like D&D, in which a seasoned warrior or a fledgling adventurer wanders a landscape hunting for monsters to kill and loot. While this is not an entirely incorrect view of RP, and while these kind of games do exist, the fact of the matter is that there are a whole range of games that can fall under the definition of "Roleplaying."

The basic concept behind RP is that of interactive storytelling. It's about creating a character and telling that character's reaction to the situations he or she is placed into, about relating to other people, and about developing a story or a personality. Sometimes this might mean defeating the monster and saving the princess; sometimes it might be about telling the story of a slowly-blossoming romance; others it's about learning how characters interact with each other, or helping a flawed character grow and learn — or exploring that flaw as far as it can go.

Here on Newgulf, the main focus of our RP will be on telling a story that all members can participate in, and about developing characters. There will be major plots that characters can join in on, but we will also try to cultivate member-driven ideas and stories, enveloping them into the world that has already been created. There are no 'winners' on Newgulf except for those who successfully engage other users in interesting threads and enjoy the experience. Your goal should not be to level up your character or defeat others, to receive acclaim from your fellow RPers or to show other people up. The goal is fun for everyone.