Lapidum Originally

Originally Lapidum was built on the shore of a massive lake that has now since dried up. Before the Blight, however, the city was expensive, fast-moving, free-thinking, and cosmopolitan, full of people who were proud of being wealthy enough to live there. The buildings were all extremely tall and thin, made of the finest grades of Actin and Chitin, with massive windows set in that made the entire city gleam with light at sunrise and sunset. The height of the buildings in Lapidum were a testament to the technological and magical advances of Newgulf, since none had previously attained even two-thirds of the buildings' heights. Massive sky-bridges and walkways connected the lower floors of the buildings, while most of the upper floors had helipads or ports for all kinds of air transit. Entertainment in Lapidum was among the finest in Newgulf. In fact, everything about Lapidum had the gleam of newness, of fashion, of quality and entertainment and money.

Then the Blight happened.

Lapidum Today

What little information there is about Lapidum as it was has been gleaned from half-ruined, almost illegible journals, a few artifacts that have survived the Blight and the scavengers, and a few pieces of memorabilia - clothing, a few news records and reports, and, somehow, an almost perfectly preserved city map - that are tightly held by the Aristocrats or located in a tiny museum in Kaipalu. Most of the widely-known and widely-accepted information about Lapidum is rumor, and most of the rumors are widely held and believed. Beyond the small, forgettable artifacts and remnants that sit under glass in the museum in Kaipalu or collect dust in the estates of the Aristocrats, nobody quite knows what the city used to be like.

While the buildings that provide the backbone of Cessnock are part of Lapidum, they're just a skeleton; the real flesh of the city, what made it tick and grow and live, is long gone. Most of the windows in the buildings are gone now, and most of the Actin and Chitin worth harvesting has been taken already. However, the buildings that make the core of Lapidum are still surprisingly intact, having held together incredibly well over time. They should have decayed, broken apart, or collapsed... but any damage done to the buildings hasn't been the work of time, but of people. They were made of materials that are somehow even greater.

For those that are daring enough to look, Lapidum may yet be chock full of relics from the age before the Blight... but so far nobody has been daring, or stupid, enough.