RP Resources

Table of contents

Whether an established RPer or a first time player, everybody can make use of some simple RP Resources to improve their characterization, writing, interaction with other users, and storyline development. This page is dedicated to some resources written by our moderators and members to help out their fellow players.

If you've written or would like to write a guide to go on this page, please PM any of the moderators to talk about it, and they'll figure out how best to go about this.

Introduction to RP

If you've never played before, please read the introduction to RP article. This page contains information about what RP is, how it works, and some advice on how it differs from any other kind of writing to help players adapt to this format.

RP Rules

Everyone should read the RP Rules for Newgulf-specific rules and regulation regarding RP. This page contains information about formatting, style, tenses, posting new topics, and reading topic titles to understand what's going on.

Character Memes

The character memes article contain questions, tests, links, and other games or fun tools to make your characters better developed, to help you learn more about them — or tell other users about them. This is not a requirement, it is only offered for your enjoyment, and to flesh characters out more fully.