RP Rules

At Newgulf we use a novel style RPing, where words that are spoken have quotation marks, and actions have no indicator. Since we use novel style RPing, we expect spelling, grammar, and capitalization to be of good quality. If you have questions about a word, it is perfectly alright to ask, look it up, or both. If your grammar and writing isn't up to par, a moderator will PM you to talk about it, and help you get on the right track.

All characters must be approved before you may begin posting in the In Character forums. You are more than welcome to explore the Out Of Character forums until then.

In Character, or IC, actions will have IC consequences. You may want to consider what these can be before you act. Similarly, the use of knowledge gained from OOC conversation or scanning characters' threads is not allowed; characters only know what they experience, so unless they were told about it or were there when it happened, do not have your characters act on it.

Post Formatting

When you're posting in the RP areas here on Newgulf, there are a few simple formatting rules that are important to follow so that everyone understands what you want and what you mean.

Title Tags

In the title of a new topic, you should always include some simple tags to inform or warn people about your post.

First and foremost, include the time and date at the beginning of your post, so that it is easy for other members to quickly determine their character's timeline.

[OPEN] or [O] — the thread is open to anyone who wishes to enter and join you in RP.
[CLOSED] or [C]-- the thread is only open to people who have been specifically invited in.

[QUICK] or [Q] — people in this thread are expected to reply swiftly, posting on an active basis, perhaps several times a day.
[AVERAGE] or [A] — a more casual style of play, this sort of thread may update once a day or every other day.
[SLOW] or [S] — this thread may only be updated once every few days, or even once a week.

[LOCK] — when all participants have left the thread, add this tag to the original title to have the topic locked. Inactive topics will be locked after ten days.

Actions Formatting

All RP posts should be formatted in a storybook style; regular text is the action, with the dialogue in quotations and any thoughts in italics. Any out of character comments should be marked with clearly recognizable boundaries, such as double parentheses.

This is an action, "And this is what people say!" But actually, this is what she's thinking while she says it. (( And this is an out of character comment.))


When users get into a scuffle or fight, draw guns, attempt to do magic or do any other difficult or dangerous task - essentially, any situation in which failure is possible and could have serious consequences - a moderator is required to determine the outcome. Moderators will roll dice and adjust these rolls with consideration of a character's knowledge, abilities and flaws to determine if it was a success or a failure, and what the result will be.

The moderators will attempt to keep up with all the topics on the forum, and keep track of what does and doesn't need moderation. However, if something has started in one of your threads and you're uncertain if it requires moderation or not, feel free to shoot any one of us a PM and we'll leap in to the rescue.