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The most elite of the elite are the Scientists. However, they are also the strangest, benefiting the least from their status. These strange beings are not something people strive to join, which is good, because the only way to join their ranks is to be kidnapped from the cradle. Few understand their motivations, or how they chose their newest members, but those rare families who do find their child has been taken away to join the denizens of The Spire always seem to somehow end up well-cared for. Maybe a coincidence, or maybe the Scientists are not so inhuman as to forget about their own parents.


Few understand the motivations of the Scientists. Why they live in The Spire and what they do there to pass their lives is an esoteric fact that the few Aristocrats who actually know have never seen fit to explain. A few rare times a year, a Scientist might be spotted roaming the Countryside, and once a year, exactly a week after the new year, one Scientist will go wandering through central Kaipalu. Many superstitions swirl around avoiding crossing paths with a Scientist.

There are also many myths about Scientists taking babies from their cribs, whether with parental permission or without. Some speculate that the experiments in The Spire revolve around these stolen children, perhaps trying to cure the Blight or maximize magical ability. However, no one seems to ever have first-hand knowledge of a baby being snatched; it has always been 'many years ago' or 'a friend of a friend'.


The Scientists are perhaps the strangest looking beings of Newgulf, excepting some of the more dangerous and violent creatures born from the Blight. They stand over eight feet tall, with long and spindly legs and arms that appear too thin to support their weight. Their movements follow a certain kind of insectile grace, following determined arcs when they walk, but occasionally stopping in an instant, or changing vector for no clear reason. Barring their moments of eerie, total stillness, they never stop moving.. All Scientists wear thin and durable gloves over their massive hands, and a neat pair of hard boots over their feet. They sport double-breasted coats in Chitin-blue, with tails that drop below their knees, and large, rounded, black hats on their heads, with rims wide enough to completely shelter them from the light(?). Over their faces, they wear a mask with a drooping nose, weighted at its end with some unknown gizmo. Catching a glimpse of a Scientist's naked flesh is extremely rare, but on the few occasions it has happened, the skin beneath is shown to be pale and veiny, completely devoid of pigment or hair.


Scientists do not have personalities, as far as anyone who has ever interacted with them can tell. They do not speak, and listen when spoken to in total, though attentive, silence. Rarely, they can be called in to plant the seeds for a particularly difficult building project or assist in an outbreak of illness among the people of the Turritella, but even then, their silence is absolute. Some suspect that they are beings incapable of speech or emotion.

No one has ever dared commit a crime in the presence of a Scientist. Scientists have, in legend, been seen committing acts of unbelievable physical strength and agility.

Famous Scientists

Scholars on the subject would know that there are at least five scientists who have always existed, though whether it is one, incredibly long-lived person or some kind of succession of title is unclear. The five known Scientists are recognizable from the writing on the backs of their coats. Physis and Mathema are the Scientists who will come and assist in construction projects sponsored by the highest of aristocrats or after a large disaster, while Lemos will show himself during a medical emergency. Telos has been seen wandering the Countryside, and even, in one famous story, bought a cow from a poor farmer, and the scientist who walks through Kaipalu the week after new years is titled Horos.