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This page is just a WiP. As you come up with slang, please feel free to add it to the list, using the following format:

Word (part of speech) pronunciation
Definition is written here, however much information desired.

Proper Nouns

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Actin ac-tin
One of the four great materials, muscle-like, based on flesh magic. See article.

Typically the Blight . See article.

Things that bare Blight scars, in varying kinds. See article.

Massive weather anomalies caused by / bearing the blight. See article.

Cactus Blossom
Psychedelic drug and performance enhancer. See article.

Cessnock Sess-knock
Only known, surviving town on the surface, in the rooftops of Lapidum. See article.

Chitin ki-tin
One of the four great materials, metal-like, based on bone magic. See article.

Single-shot pellet guns preferred by those in need of a small, easy-to-use, concealed wepaon. See article.

Desert Leaf
Intense psychedelic drug and performance enhancer. See article.

Followers of Anvari (Anvarite/Anvarites) pronunciation needed? An-var-e
Members of a frequently supernatural-seeming and mysterious religions group. See article.

Haemol hay-mall
One of the four great materials, liquid, based on blood magic. See article.

Horos Hor-Ose
One of the five known scientists, and the scientist known for marching through Kaipalu the week after the New Year's festival.

Kaipalu Kai-Pal-Oo
The capital city of the Turritella. See article.

Lemos Lem-Ose
One of the five known scientists, known for appearing shortly before or after major disease outbreaks.

Mathema Math-ee-ma
One of the five known scientists. Appears with Physis for major construction projects sometimes.

The planet this setting takes place on. See article.

Ommatidia Ohm-ma-teed-e-ah
Energy crystals that power technology. See article.

Physis Fis-ees
One of the five known scientists. Appears for major construction projects usually.

Sequential Guns
Pellet guns that can shoot multiple times without rearming or reloading. See article.

Spiracle Spear-Ack-el
One of the four great materials, cord-like veins, based on breath magic. See article.

Long-rage, accurate pellet guns known for the telltale swicker noise they make when fired. Second Swickershots do exist. See article.

Telos Teel-Ose
One of the five known scientists, though some may claim his existence is a rumor. See article.

The Lift
The elevator which connects the Turritella to Cessnock

Turritella Ter-ee-tell-ah
The space station that most of the know survivors of Newgulf call home. See article.

Void Eaters
A mysterious, underground religion group on the surface known for barbaric and insane activities. See article.

General Terminology

Seq-Guns or Seconds (noun) "seconds"
Repeating pellet guns. Though the slang actually comes from slurring "Seq-Guns", many people will say it lets them take a second shot, and think that's why they're called "seconds." Widespread slang.

F-men or F-man (noun) phonetic
A quick way to refer to a lawman, police officer, sheriff, or particularly zealous bounty hunter. Most commonly used by criminals (average people are more likely to just call them by rank, or call them the "police". All the other slang is also used (particularly lawman).

Walker (noun) phonetic
A simple term for an Auto-Carriage, an expensive form of transportation. These carriages are spider-like and move on many long legs — thus the name.


Blighted (adjective) phonetic
A popular curse with a negative connotation. e.g. "That thrice-blighted horse bucked me off again!"


  • The word Firearms is never used to describe a pellet gun. There's no gunpowder in their design, so no "fire" ever occurs.