Social Classes

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In the restriction of this society, and with the thorough integration of various peoples, racial lines eliminated and physical appearances overlooked in the face of potential extinction. as a result, most lines are drawn instead along social classes, acquired either by birth or by skill and advancement. It is expected that people will show respect for those in a class above their own, respect, and follow rules and norms.

Hierarchy and positions

These are arranged from highest to lowest. To learn more about a class, click on its name to visit its article page.


The most elite of the elite are The Scientists. However, they are also the strangest, benefit the least from their status. These strange beings are not something people strive to join, which is good, because the only way to join their ranks is to be kidnapped from the cradle. Few understand their motivations, or how they chose their newest members, but those rare families who do find their child has been taken away to join the denizens of The Spire always seem to somehow end up well-cared for. Maybe a coincidence, or maybe the Scientists are not so inhuman as to forget about their own parents.


Supposedly, all of the Aristocrats are descended from the original creators of the Turritella. However, no one really knows. One has to be born into, or on rare occasions marry into, their ranks. They are wealthy, mostly outside of the law, and live in the sheltered safety of The Estates.


Becoming a Deputy is one of the easiest ways to advance in the social hierarchy. Rising higher in the Frontiersmen, to Sheriff or even higher, requires either great skill or knowing the right people. The highest officers of the law are generally kept in The Estates by the Aristocrats.


Some craftsmen, those who build technology or transportation, can be almost as highly ranked as Aristocrats, but most are at the top of the average men. These are the builders, the artists, luxury good makers. Important, necessarily, and difficult jobs.


Talented entertainers are always highly desired, and real talent at singing or playing or other performing is highly desirable and well-paid. These people might perform in small, private, wandering troops around the Countryside, in bordellos or burlesque houses in Cessnock, in more upscale theaters in Kaipalu, or the lucky ones might be talented enough for the Opera House in The Estates.

Religious Leaders

Ministers with their own churches are wealthy and highly respected - in public, at least. What people say about them behind closed doors will vary from person to person. Soapbox preachers and missionaries are usually less well off, potentially even poor, but gain more respect from the people.

Ranchers and Farmers

These jobs are important, as they provide food for the masses and the Aristocrats alike, but are also arduous and involved. While the ranchers and farmers are generally well off, they're also working sunup to sundown on most days, and are respected but busy. It's a good position for people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.


Most of society falls into this group. Workers are simple jobs. Cooks and cleaners, ranch hands and seasonal workers in the fields, some teachers or minor healers, shop owners and clothiers, bakers and small-good creators. They ranch from acceptably well-off to poor.


Criminals are exported down to Cessnock. They are technically at the bottom rung, but are frequently much wealthier and potentially happier than their more socially-acceptable counterparts. They might smuggle goods between the Turritella and Cessnock, might be prostitutes or gamblers, grow drugs or run loud and rowdy saloons. They frequently gather into gangs or posses.