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In general, at all tiers of life, sports are meant for fun and games, release and relaxation as opposed to competition. There are no established teams, no arenas designed for events and tournaments. There are no awards or trophies. Sports are meant for social interaction, personal satisfaction, and distraction from everyday life. There may be some gambling, some satisfaction in victory, some excitement, some might be acknowledged as the best, but there are very few sports stars among the people of Newgulf. Sports are personal, and more private than that.

Common Sports

In Kaipalu, most people are too busy working to spare much time and energy for even more physical labor. Whatever sports might arise in the streets of the city are makeshift, temporary, spontaneous. Stick ball games with found bats, ratty old balls; races through narrow allies and wide empty spaces; small boys playing at tag here and there.

The Countryside however, is something of a different story. Here, rodeos and country fairs are frequent, seasonal, occupying a few days here and there and sometimes as much as a week. These events aren't just about the competition, however. Here, people can show off their horses or their livestock through tournaments, or people can show off themselves in the hopes of getting hired by a richer ranch, or finding work when they have none.

Down on the surface?, in Cessnock, whatever sports there are are likely mean-spirited and not endorsed. Dueling, perhaps, boxing, wrestling, and generally profiting on two people hurting each other.

Aristocratic Sports

Among the Aristocrats, much of the sporting is wrapped up in gambling and showing each other up, for the sake of showing each other up. Their equestrian events are higher end, less roping and more prancing and fancy riding in crisp costumes. These events are about drinking and chatting and professing faint interest in the riders — or, sometimes, serious interest. But only when the rider is someone's daughter, or son, or otherwise important.