The Spire

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No matter where you stand in the Countryside or Kaipalu, the only presence more noticeable than the dirt under your feet is the Spire. During the day, it blazes like a sun from bands along its shadowy length, radiating warmth and sustenance to the ground below, and eclipsing the other side of the world in a yellow aura and blue haze of atmosphere. At night, it's nothing more than a black column covered in a noisy spread of multicolored lights, almost like the night sky viewed from the surface. Its true glory can only be seen at dawn and twilight, when it's bright enough to look at without damaging the eyes.


The entire structure is a single, massive column that pierces through the center of the Turritella, and provides the axis around which the station gently spins. At the base of both the Spire and the Turritella, which together form a single structure, is a bulbous disk that glows faintly with energy, no matter what the hour, and at the other end the spire vanishes into the distance, forming a point barely visible by telescope miles away from the farthest north point any man can stand. It's created from the same smooth, ancient Chitin that all the relic technology from before the Blight was made, though it is deeply grooved at broken along its length to leave space for ample lights, hatches, and several long columns that connect it to the surface. They connect at points "off the maps" of the Turritella, not directly to the surface of the ribbon of city and countryside where any man and his horse could wander.

Life in the Spire

It's understood, rather than absolutely known, that the Spire is where the Scientists live, but nothing beyond that is certain. Sometimes strange noises or lights might erupt from the structure, but they never last long, nor do they ever have an effect on life below. It does not rotate with the rest of the station, but the significance of this is a fact esoteric to the Scientists themselves. Although huge, its population could be millions, or may only be the five known Scientists. Nothing is certain.