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A Nation in Orbit

The original intent behind the construction of the Turritella is one of the few historical facts that weren't lost in the Blight - the former capital city of the nation of Lapidum was grossly overpopulated, and the awe-inspiring solution the Lapidum? government enacted was the world's first orbital space colony. Orbital stations had been attempted before, but they were generally small and uncomfortable; places for scientists, but not regular people. The Turritella would produce its own gravity and be fully self-sufficient, imitating open plains and cities. A state in its own right, hovering in the sky directly above the capital.

A Broken Colony

The Turritella is unfinished, which explains many of the idiosyncrasies of its design. Among other things, the final product was supposed to include a complete transit system, both inside and to the surface; the simple dirt roads and trails were temporary. The Blight ended the final construction instantly, and left the Turritella as it was - adequate for living and farming, but without the high-tech luxuries of modern life.


From the outside, though it's a view few see, the Turritella resembles the spiraled shell of a sea snail, true to its name. It's constructed completely out of the highest quality Chitin. Its orbit is geosynchronous with Newgulf, with its base facing down towards Cessnock and its tip pointing away from the planet, to the stars. Inside, the station looks quite different. There's no horizon – the land coils up and away – since the inhabitants of the Turritella reside on its outer wall, where the gentle rotation of the station mimics gravity. The land is broken up, in the same spiral shape of a turritella-shell, into a single ribbon of rolling plains, with rows of cliff and wall, called the Rift, blocking the way in-between. The station is made with the highest of ancient technologies, built entirely out of the Great Materials, at a structural level, and it rocks around a single access, called The Spire.

Directions on the Ribbon

Tentative stuff, these direction names ought to change to something better. Rather than utilizing some bastardization of North, South, East, and West, the Turritella uses North to indicate the direction that is directly away from Newgulf and South to indicate the direction directly toward it. They then refer to Upwards as the direction along the spiral that will slowly take you towards the North pole, and Downwards as the direction that will lead you to the South pole.

Compass Rose Diagram


At the South Pole is the elevator that goes to the surface of the planet in Cessnock, atop the former city of Lapidum, though it is not the only means of travel to the surface. At several points in The Rift, the area of visible structure between habitable areas of land, tall towers connect to the Spire.