Void Eaters

Little is known about the mysterious, violent cult of the Void Eaters.

The cult:

Largely confined to the surface, their members are dangerously unstable and prone to acts of unspeakable barbarism and violence, often with little to no provocation. It is generally believed that they practice human sacrifice, cannibalism, self-mutilation, intentional Blight infection, and drug rituals. The paramount goal of the cult - according to popular wisdom - is to destroy the Turritella and thus doom all of humanity to the blight. Of course, discerning truth from rumor is very difficult when dealing with so secretive an organization.

Beliefs and Sacraments:

The Cult reportedly believes that by eating Blighted plants and animals, they will achieve some kind of deeper understanding or immunity. Many Void Eaters have visible blight-rot in their flesh, and bear such marks with pride. Ravening bands of Void Eaters often raid the inhabitants of Cessnock, stealing weapons and supplies, and killing or kidnapping any victims they can catch. Those they abduct are usually sacrificed in long, brutal rituals. The precise purpose of these dark rituals in unknown.

Magical Practices:

Unsurprisingly, Void Eaters specialize in Void Magic - the dark, highly-illegal sorceries that oppose all the other forms of magic.

There is also rumored to be some kind of tie between Void Cultists and The Blight, though the exact nature of this tie differs greatly in the telling. Many cite this as definitive proof that the Blight was created by Void Magic, though some experts remain skeptical. This much at least is true: Void Cultists seem to be at least somewhat immune to the deadly effects of the Blight, and seem to be able to survive long periods in Blighted land without succumbing. By embracing the Blight, they claim, they are empowered by it, rather than sickened. Further, they openly claim to practice Void Magic, and profess it to be the prime force in the universe, rightfully dominant over all the others. Whether or not any of this is the truth is unknown

It is rumored that some Cultists eschew the physical manifestations of the Blight, and walk unrecognized and unnoticed through the civilized world of Cessnock and the Turritella. These agents of the cult supposedly work to sabotage the structure of the Turritella, in hopes of eventually shattering it once and for all.

For obvious reasons reasons, adherance to the religion is highly illegal, and anyone found - or sometimes merely suspected - to be a member of the cult will generally be lynched without trial. The Void Eaters are almost universally feared.


Void Eaters claim to be the eldest of the religions, and - indeed - there are references to their kind in even the oldest historical records. History is rife with catastrophe's great and small that have been attributed to the cult. There are times in history when they brought civilization to it's knees, and there are times when they seemingly disappeared - when decades past without a single attack. However, they always re-emerged eventually, and they have somehow managed to withstand even the most violent of inquisitions. Like roaches, they seem to be utterly impossible to stamp out completely.

It's well known that once, in bygone times, Lemos once pulled a man who had claimed publicly to be a Void Eater after being caught as a murderer, out of a jail. He took the man away, and he was never seen again. Since then, many criminals have made a similar claim on death row, but the Scientists have never sprung another one of them from prison. Why Lemos did what he did none know, though there was reason to believe that this criminal in particular might have been truthful in his speech - his skin, as he was carried away, revealed signs of Blight rot.

Out of character notes:

PC cannot be members of the Void Eater sect at character creation. PC's who wish to may attempt to join the cult In-Character, but do so at their own risk!