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Much of the population of Newgulf falls into this realm; these are the street and chimney sweepers, the shop keepers, the bartenders, maids, vendors, bank tellers. The simple jobs that occupy a basic life, jobs that require hard work first and foremost, ahead of any specialized skill. The working class ranges from well off enough to afford some minor luxuries, homes and families, weapons to protect themselves, to poor enough that people are scrabbling just to get by.


The working class is extremely varied, but one goal is the same through all levels: the desire to live a good life, make enough money to live, and perhaps even rise through the ranks. However, this is a very difficult task. Most people born into the working class will remain there, unless they have the magical strength to become one of the craftsmen, the talent to be one of the entertainers, or unless they head down to the Surface to join the ranks of the criminals. There is almost no upward mobility, in Newgulf.


Generally, the working class dresses simply, with few embellishments. Perhaps a bright pair of suspenders, or one fancy broach that was handed down through generations, on top of their plain clothes. Most working class men don't have the time to shave every day, and either end up with a full beard or a shadow of stubble. The women usually keep their hair bound up out of their faces in knots or braids, frequently with kerchiefs over it.