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With the Blighted surface of Newgulf a constant reminder of the past, and with unexplained magics a part of everyday life, society is understandably superstitious. Ancient customs and stories, myths and habits and small gods, invade almost every aspect of life.

This is not, however, the widely accepted and encouraged religion. Preachers and holy men hold these old customs, prayers to a polytheistic pantheon, in a horrified kind of disdain. Instead they push their own beliefs on those around them, the religion as endorsed by the great Aristocrats of The Estates. Instead of seeking sense, meaning, stories of the past, they talk of Good and Evil, Life and Death, Existence and Nothingness, and their fervor wins them many followers, packing the churches in Kaipalu and the Countryside especially. Despite all this, though, they cannot abolish old habits and small home beliefs.

Some cults also reject the concept of organized religion, of meaning outside the self, and turn their attention inward. Instead, they lean toward meditation and self-control, and many of them gain greater access to their magic and bodies and minds as a result. Others are just insane.


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This is the widely-accepted and promoted religion. Followers are expected to attend church on a regular basis, to follow a specific set of beliefs, a book of the Old People that is filled with moral rules and regulations. There are established Ministers in settlements large enough to warrant them, and traveling missionaries for everywhere else.


Most people believe in a kind of polytheism that worships or makes offerings to a lot of small gods, in the form of libation, murmured words of prayer or promise, pagan holidays. The church tolerates these mostly because it has to, and occasionally adopts ancient myyths into its own stories and ideals.

Followers of Hurritt

There are underground groups of people who seek, and perhaps gain, self-enlightenment and increased magical ability through control, meditation, and understanding of themselves and other people. This revolves around understanding magic as a whole made up of its respective parts, each a limb or an aspect of some greater force. The Followers work on a mentor system.

Void Eaters

A rare cult, generally considered by the common population to be batshit crazy, the Void Eaters live on The Surface and believe that, by eating Blighted plants and animals, they will achieve some kind of understanding or immunity. They frequently go mad and run off into the wild, or raid and attack the inhabitants of Cessnock. No one knows what they actually learn from doing this.