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Since this is meant to be a personal, inviting community full of mature members, the rules on posting Code of Conduct are fairly simple: use your judgment, and be polite. Do not insult, attack, belittle, tease, or otherwise act inappropriately toward any other member. Under no circumstances will bigotry, libeling, spamming or stealing [ideas, art, writing, anything] be accepted here on Newgulf.

If someone has made you uncomfortable in any way, then the best way to deal with this is to speak to them directly and politely, in private. One-on-one communication solves far more problems than harbored resentment, talking about them behind their back, or a stern talking to. However, if you are having a problem with someone that can't be resolved one-on-one, or if your direct communication has left you in a stalemate or lead to more problems, then please feel free to PM any moderator and they will help you work things out.

If someone has broken any of the RP rules or has done something in character that you think is inappropriate or non cannon, you can either shoot them a polite comment in private to talk about it or inform a moderator of the issue and they will help work out a solution.

Please keep in mind that we are not a support forum, and are not equipped to help you deal with your personal or psychological problems. Being that it's more likely that members, even trying to be helpful, will do harm than good with these sorts of problems, we request that you do not post pity posts here on the forum — seek out professional help, instead, or speak one-on-one with close friends who fully understand your situation.

Avatars and Signatures

Your avatar is the image that appears to the left of your post, beneath your username, with the rest of the important statistics about your account.

Your signature is the content that appears below everything that you post.

Our policy here on Newgulf is a bit different from other RP forums; we have a few specifications about what we do and do not allow to appear in avatars and signatures.

  • Drawings or paintings created by or for you [note: any artwork created by someone else should be credited with a link to their gallery].
  • Pixel art or dolls created by or for you [note: when using a pixel doll, please provide a credit to the base maker as well as the doll creator, if it was made by someone other than yourself].
Not Allowed
  • Copyrighted art, or anything not created by or for you.
  • Photographs of real people, including stock photographs, celebrities, myspace photographs, snapshots of yourself, or anything else.
  • Violent or sexual material, including nudity.
  • Any bigotry or negative comments about other members.


The max size for Avatars is 150px wide by 250px tall. Anything taller than this will not be accepted by the board software, so double check your image before you post it!

If any part of your avatar was not created by you, then please provide a link to the original artist in your signature.


The max size for Signatures is 550px wide by 200px tall. Anything taller than this will be removed by the board staff; we don't want to clutter up the RP with too much text and too many images.

If any part of your signature was not created by you, then please provide a link to the original artist.

All members are required to have in their signature, before anything else, a link to their bio in the Character Directory. This way, people can easily find and access the information about your character that you have chosen to make public.

Moderator Actions

All moderator actions are a cooperative effort; this is not because the mods are 'ganging up on' people, but just because we want all mods to put the same face forward, and to agree with any decisions made. If even one moderator feels differently about a situation, we will discuss until there is a unanimous decision.

On that note, here are a few things RP-wise, for which members could get in trouble or PMed:

Application Edits

All bio edit requests are a group effort, discussed behind the scenes. If even one moderator feels that a bio isn't ready to go through, then we hash out what a person has to do to get that bio ready for play. All bio edit PMs are a group effort, with thoughts gathered from one and all; this is not personal, it's about keeping the characters on this board up to a standard. This forum is unlike other forums in that we do want a certain level of literacy, and we want all of our members to have well thought-out characters.

As a result, once bios have been passed, all changes must be approved by a moderator before they can be added to the Character Directory. If you want to change something other than clothing style or hair cut or small differences like that, then please PM one of the moderators and request approval.

Out of Character Actions

If someone in Newgulf seems to be acting out of character, or seems to be entirely different from the application approved by staff, we will contact the player to ask them what's up and request that they amend their behavior. It's very important that people think about their characters before they begin playing them. Read up on some of the extra information in RP Resources, answer some character memes, and really think about goals/human interactions for your character, so you know 'what they're like.'

An accepted application signifies a certain trust we're placing in you: to uphold the standards we've set, both for your sake and the sake of the story here. Moderation does not stop with the application; we work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the quality of play here matches the quality of the applications we so thoroughly examine.

If you're PMed

Please, if you do get a PM, do not take it personally. This is not meant to be an attack on you, just a criticism. Responding in a negative, unpleasant, whiny or angry way will not aid in your cause, nor will trying to appeal to some sense of guilt. We're trying to help you, but being nasty to us will turn us away.


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